Korean Language Education Centre, formed at April 2005, is the first registered and government recognized Korean language school in Hong Kong.

The aim of the school is to raise the quality of Korean language teaching, provide a specific, professional and in-depth Korean learning guidance, help students grasp the correct pronunication, grammar of Korean, and promoting Korean culture in Hong Kong.

Program Courses Features:

1. We teach in small group so that students can enhance their pronunciation, conversation and listening skills through more frequent interactions between teachers and students.

2.Teachers are all Native Korean Speakers with abundant experience in teaching Korean.

3.Aptitude test (Korean)

4.We organize cultural exchanges for student to learn more about Korean Culture.

KLEC have provide for School / Company / team - Group Korean Program Course.

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Mong Kok Center Tel :(+852) 2787-3837
Wan Chai Center Tel :(+852) 2574-1338


E-mail :info@klec.com.hk